Counterfeit Goods

Whilst seemingly a bargin at the time, counterfeit goods represent one of the biggest threats to the long term success of the vaping sector. Electronic Cigarette manufacturers are not big companies like Sony or Samsung, they are much smaller and the impact of "Cloning" on these companies significantly reduced their ability to develop new improved products. Let us not forget that these cheap copies are the ones that ultimately produce significant news stories when homes catch fire and people are injured!

We preclude the introduction of counterfeit product into our supply chain through strict avoidance, mitigation, and disposition processes.

Nirvaper designs its requirements, practices, and methods related to parts management, supplier management, procurement, and response strategies to adhere to the intent of counterfeit electronics parts standards.

Counterfeit products have become a growing concern in customers' supply chains as customers or distributors secure low cost alternative sources. Nirvaper is committed to obtaining only the highest quality products for our customers.

Nirvaper purchases products only through our Authorised Manufacturers and Suppliers, thereby ensuring that product is new, authentic, and fully warrantable under the direct supplier and that accurate up-to-date technical information is readily available.

Nirvaper does not purchase product from sources other than authorized manufacturers and suppliers. Nicotive does not purchase refurbished product for re-sale. Authorised manufacturers and suppliers are continually assessed via review of product alerts and supplier quality data to determine past performance.

Nirvaper maintains traceability to the OEM for purchases from Authorised Suppliers, retaining the original purchase orders and other receiving documentation, including Manufacturers’ Certificate of Conformance, for the required document retention periods.

Nirvaper follows a strict returns policy that includes:

  • Confirmation of the traceability of the product from Nirvaper to the customer including original purchase date, part number, and quantity.
  • Incoming inspection to assure that all parts are undamaged and in original packaging.
  • Broken manufacturer's pack are reconfirmed as authentic by Nirvapers Product Managers in conjunction with the original manufacturer using various authentication techniques.
Only parts that meet these rigorous standards are allowed to be returned to inventory.
Nirvaper reports all occurrences of counterfeit parts,  to manufactures and criminal investigative authorities.