About Us

Nirvaper is an electronic cigarette store based Manchester that is exclusively operated by ex-smokers who have successfully kicked the habit. Instead now we are vapers, people who enjoy all the action of smoking but are able to do so without risking our lives with a cocktail of chemicals traditionally found in combustible cigarettes.

"As a smoker of some 23 years on a 20-a-day habit I must admit I was most skeptical about these odd looking contraptions. That was however until one day I ran out of cigarettes, the weather was typically British so rather than brave gale force winds and driving rain I thought I'd give it a go. It wasn't until a day or so later that I noticed it was working, no withdrawal symptoms and no cigarettes! I had never been able to quit smoking; Patches, Gum, Mouthwash even hypnotherapy, you name it, I've tried it, all unsuccessfully. Electronic cigarettes have been the only method that I have used that has enabled me to stop smoking without turning into a serpent! If it worked for me I thought, it could work for just about anyone!"

On 1st of January 2013 I opened my first shop selling Electronic Cigarettes, MODS, e-Liquids, Spares and Accessories in Manchester City Centre. In those early days before they became mainstream it was pretty tough going, but little by little more and more people have used us to make the move away from traditional cigarettes. Some are motivated by the health benefits, some by the financial benefits, but ultimately over 93% of those that have bought one of our kits have been successful in kicking the habit!