Serial Vapes

13 started out life deep in the African jungles with his family and friends happily monkeying around. All that changed one day when he was captured and transported to a top secret testing facility in England. He was the number one test subject for the new craze of E liquids. Day in day out he would vape all manner of different flavours and chemical mixtures which had some adverse effects on him.
He noticed he was becoming smarter, stronger and faster. He was beginning to understand what the scientist were saying. He vaped more and more to improve his intelligence and over time he became addicted to it, however he hated the flavours these amateurs were concocting. After vaping hundreds of mixtures he became a vape master and discovered what combinations would create a delicious flavour as he dreamed about mixing his own for the perfect liquid.

One night he broke free from his cage and stole the chemicals from the lab. He ran out on to the streets and found a place to set up his own lab were he could start to create his masterpieces. Never having a name other than 13, he took on the persona of the Serial Vapest with one mission in his mind, to make the best liquids around and put the Ape in Vape.